Ailerons, Slats, Flaps and Spoilers: Essential for Flight

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All airplanes resemble one another, with good reason. The external parts of airplanes play a vital role in lifting the plane off the ground, keeping it in the air and lowering it to the ground when it-s time. Slats, flaps, ailerons and spoilers are all parts of an aircraft that are responsible for various aspects of flight.

A slat is responsible for increasing or decreasing the lift of a plane. They are movable parts located on the front of each wing and are attached with a metal hinge which allows for free movement.Additional information can be found at The flaps are located on the rear of each wing and are attached in the same manner. The flaps also help control lift of the plane. Both of these parts together affect drag as well. These moveable parts are used to get the plane off the ground and to lower the plane and then keep it on the ground when landing.

Ailerons are used to bank, or turn, the airplane. They are connected to the lateral edge of the wing by hinges. Normally you see one aileron pointed downward and the other pointed upward to keep the plane flying in a straight and level direction.

The spoiler is one more part that-s located on the wing of aircraft. The spoiler is between the slat and flap and affects lift. Spoilers are used to turn the aircraft just as ailerons are but spoilers act faster than ailerons. The trade off is when spoilers are used to turn the craft, the plane loses altitude.

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